Established in 2012, under the name PT. Swadesi Finance is engaged in financing (multi finance). PT. Swadesi Finance has licensed from OJK (Financial Service Authority), with license number of Kep-758 / KM.10 / 2012. In early 2018 we changed our name to PT Evolusi Finansial Indonesia (EFIN), we want to give better service to our customer, PT Evolusi Finansial Indonesia (EFIN) is engaged in financing leases, factoring and consumer financing, infrastructure projects, and others. PT Evolusi Finansial Indonesia (EFIN) has a fairly strong capital structure. Therefore, we as finance companies certainly have a focused business focus and promise for the stakeholders of PT Evolution Finansial Indonesia (EFIN) itself. Supported by professional and experienced workers in their field who prioritize maximum service to the Customer, PT Evolusi Finansial Indonesia (EFIN) has a vision and mission that prioritizes the values ​​of Integrity.


Earned Sarjana Ekonomi  from  University of Indonesia, Faculty of Economics, Jakarta (1991), then pursued  MBA degree from University of Dallas, Graduate School of Management, Irving, Texas in 1994. 

From 2014 to 2017 he was an Executive Director in PT Triusaha Mulia Bersama, President Commissioner  in Capital Asset Management (2015), Director and Appointed Corporate Secretary in PT Star Petrochem Tbk, (2012), he was Senior Vice President in PT Asia Natural Resources Tbk (2009), 2006 he was Director/Corporate Investor Relation in PT Hanson International Tbk.

Irwando Saragih

CEO Evolusi Finansial Indonesia

A young professional with experience in business, graduated from Bandung State Polytechnic in 2012. Appointed as Finance Director of Lotus Cipta Karya Company, President Director of Adhikarya Jaya Bersama Company and since June 2017 has a career in PT. Swadesi Finance until now

M Bhima Yogaswara

CMO Evolusi Finansial Indonesia