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Most of our investments come from long-term relationships with intermediaries. We invest our own money, which lets us make investment decisions quickly and without lengthy books. We like receiving your ideas and will reply to emails and calls promptly. We value the intermediary as a partner. EFIN invests time and energy into building relationships and trust. EFIN continuously works with intermediaries in reviewing and analyzing investment opportunities that meet our investment objectives. We provide straightforward feedback as we move through the acquisition process to ensure you know our position with respect to each opportunity.

Take a closer look at the deep wealth of experience and fresh thinking that our people can bring your business. Or take a shortcut and see what people we’ve already worked with have to say about EFIN.

EFIN partners with entrepreneurs to take their businesses to the next level. We concentrate on activities that realize value upon exit. Specifically, EFIN adds value to the business by identifying human resource enhancements, financing add-on acquisitions, developing incentive programs for key personnel and providing direction and advice. We also call on a strong network of relationships to help implement the company’s strategic plan.

Ultimately, the transition of the business to a professionally managed organization substantially increases the value of the company, while at the same time creating a larger spectrum of potential buyers at the point of exit.

  • Optimizing the value of the Company for Shareholders by taking into account the interests of Stakeholders and encouraging the achievement of the Company’s sustainability by applying GCG principles of transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, equity and fairness;
  • Encouraging the Company’s Organs to make decisions and carry out actions based on high moral values ​​and adherence to the provisions of the Articles of Association and prevailing laws and regulations and be accountable to Stakeholders;
  • Encouraging the Company’s management to be more professional, transparent and efficient, and to empower the function and to increase the independence of Company Organs;
  • Improve the Company’s image to achieve national and international competitiveness so as to increase market confidence that can encourage investment flows and sustainable national economic growth;
  • Encouraging and supporting the development, management of Company resources and management of the Company’s business risk with the application of prudent, accountable, and accountable principles in line with GCG principles;
  • Encouraging the Company’s awareness and social responsibility towards society and environmental sustainability especially around the Company; • Develop attitudes and behaviors that are in line with the Company’s growing demands and changes in the business environment towards a better Corporate Culture.

PT Evolusi Finansial Indonesia (EFIN) is engaged in financing leases, factoring and consumer financing, infrastructure projects, and others. PT Evolusi Finansial Indonesia (EFIN) has a fairly strong capital structure.